Mid August update

| 14 August, 2015 12:03

I've been working on a series of landscape and seascape paintings.  

When I look for a landscape, I like to find those out of the way settings that we may not often pay attention to.  On a daily basis, we are running from one place to the next, not always appreciating the beauty that surrounds us.  In my small landscape paintings, I look for these areas to bring forth to the viewer to appreciate the beauty of our world. 

Seascapes have alwasy facinated me, I lived by the beach for many years, growin up in Cape May, NJ.  During this time, the beach was a part of life, I've spent many days, nights, and years, just staring at the ocean, letting the movement of the waves help me relax and focus on what is important.  My series of wave paintings is created as a retrospective of the many times I have stared at the sea.

I will be moving back into narrative work, to boost my skills, I like to paint and draw scenery that may appear in a story telling work as the setting.  I also paint figureative studies, which may lead to characters in my story. 

Most will be posted on my website and in Facebook as images are created.

Hope all is well for those who read my blog, (I'm not very good at blogging yet, but as I learn, these posts will get better too.)



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